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CI5X Series Impact Crushers

CI5X series impact crusher is a new generation of coarse and medium crushed products designed to meet customers needs for high profit, low cost, energy saving and consumption reduction. It is the guarantee for large-volume production line c

Mining, metallurgy, construction, chemical, cement, refractory material, etc.


Model Specifications (mm) Feed opening (mm) Max. feed size (mm) Capacity (t/h) Power (kW) Weight (t) Dimensions (mm)
CI5X1315 Φ1300×1500 1540×930 600 250-350 250 20 2880×2755×2560
CI5X1520 Φ1500×2000 2040×520 (2040×995) 350(700) 400-600 2×250 (2×200) 30 3390×3520×2790
CI5X1415 Φ1400×1500 1540×1320 900 350-550 250 24 2995×2790×3090
CI5X1620 Φ1600×2000 2040×1630 1100 500-900 2×200 42 3485×3605×3720
CI5X2023 Φ2000×2300 2400×1920 1300 1200-2000 2×500 76 4890×4380×4765
  • How to Make Fishmeal Animals -

    The manufacturing process consists of cooking, pressing, drying and grinding processes during which the oil and water is removed from the solid parts of the fish. The remaining “meal” has large quantities of energy and is an excellent source of protein, lipids, minerals and vitamins. The top three fishmeal producing countries are Peru ...

  • Fish meal - Wikipedia

    Fish meal, or fishmeal, is a commercial product mostly made from fish that are not intended for human consumption; fishmeal is generally used to feed farm animals in agricultural setting. Because it is calorically dense and cheap to produce, fishmeal has played a critical role in the growth of factory farms and the number of farm animals it is possible to breed and feed.

  • how to make fish meal? BackYard Chickens

    27/10/2010  I would think you would have to eat a lot of fish to accumulate enough fish bones to make the process worthwhile. Recently I read a post describing feeding cat food to chickens. I don't have a cat but I would think cat food per pound is a lot more expensive than a high protein chicken crumble such as the type fed to Cornish-Rock crosses.

  • Does fish-based chicken feed make eggs or chickens taste ...8/09/2015Omega-3 eggs***Fish Meal Feed BackYard Chickens5/01/2009Fish meal - where do you buy? BackYard Chickens30/12/2007查看更多结果
  • Homemade Fish Food Guide: How To Make It (5 Recipes ...

    PreparationDietCompositionBenefitsSafetyTreatmentOn a side note, to make any of these recipes will take a little bit of time and you will also need a good knife and the accompanying knife skills. If you dont want to use a knife you can also use a blender. The point here is that your fish probably have pretty small mouths so the food you make needs to be small enough for them to eat. Besides the few ingredients we have listed above, which you can mix together at your own discretion, there are a few other prime recipes that you can try at home all by yourself. Here t

    5/11/2017  Today i show you guys how i make a frozen fish food treat for my fish in their aquariums! MORE DIY FISH FOOD VIDEOS: https://youtube/playlist?list=PL...

  • 作者: The king of DIY
  • Best Side Dishes to Serve with Fish - thehealthyfish

    When you’re cooking up a tasty fish like Tilapia, it’s really the fish that makes the meal. But what’s a fish without a great side dish? We’ll spare you from other fishy rhymes and instead offer you tips for 7 of the best side dishes to cook up with your next fish dinner.

  • How to Make Your Own Fish Food PetHelpful

    QuotesDietPreparationIf you are what you eat, then your vegetables are what your fish eat, right? Well, while this thinking doesn't hold up for most of life's circumstances, it does apply to Aquaponics! This cutting edge and soil-less gardening practice relies solely on fish byproducts, so doesn't it only make sense to feed aquarium fish with something substantial and all natural? Why yes, it does! In this article, learn how to make your own fish food, in order to keep aquarium occupants looking and feeling their best. Aquaponic gardener
  • Feeding The Fish And Making Your Own Fish Food -

    19/08/2015  Feeding The Fish And Making Your Own Fish Food The fish food we use for both catfish and tilapia is Rangen 1/8” floating catfish food. You can use any floating food that has about a 30% protein, 6% or more fat content, but TRY to find a fish food that comes in the nice small []

  • 作者: Tim Mann
  • Easy Fish Cakes recipe – All recipes Australia NZ

    28/09/2011  Easy Fish Cakes. Reviews and Ratings Global Ratings: (206) Reviews in English (174) by pjr. 37. love this one so much great way to get fish into your kids so much cheaper than buying them and all the ingredients are in the pantry this is a regular meal in our house now thankyou so much for sharing brillant recipe - 28 Sep 2011 by SuzeTatam. 10. So easy to make yummy. I made mine with Blue ...

  • 4.1/5
  • How It's Made - Fish Food - YouTube

    22/02/2012  Discovery and Science Channel's How It's Made Fish Food episode. All copyrights go to their respective owners.

  • Feeding The Fish And Making Your Own Fish Food -

    19/08/2015  Feeding The Fish And Making Your Own Fish Food The fish food we use for both catfish and tilapia is Rangen 1/8” floating catfish food. You can use any floating food that has about a 30% protein, 6% or more fat content, but TRY to find a fish food that comes in the nice small []

  • A DIY Guide to Formulating Homemade Fish Food

    10/06/2019  Fish nutrition is a huge picture of many diagrams. How to Formulate Homemade Fish Food. The following information will provide you with a basis on which to begin formulating your own natural aquatic pet food. Human Hazards. When using items intended for human consumption in our homemade fish food, there are a few important facts to keep in mind:

  • PREPARING FARM-MADE FISH FEED - Aquaculture without

    fish. • Vitamins and minerals are contained in some feed ingredients but premixes are also often added to feeds, especially where fish or prawns are stocked at high densities or are obtaining most of their nutrients from the added feed rather than natural food. Fish eat primarily to satisfy energy requirements. If there is too much energy ...

  • Fish Meal - VVRS Australia

    Fish meal is rich in lysine, methionine and tryptophan, as well as vitamins and minerals. Fish meal can vary in nutrient levels and quality depending on the source and the fish used to produce the meal. The protein and amino acid levels can vary. It is advisable to check the protein level and fish type prior to purchasing fish meal.

  • Family meals: Easy fish pie recipe BBC Good Food

    This fish pie is a classic dish that’s perfect for the whole family. Learn how to make this quick and easy recipe only available at BBC Good Food.

  • 4.7/5(183)
  • How to Make Fish Jerky - Dehydrator Book

    How to make fish jerky with a food dehydrator. Dehydrating Fish for Fish Jerky. If you're burned out on beef and venison jerky, it might be time to try something new.

  • How to make fish food Sonny's Fish Room

    Why make your own fish food when you can buy it already made? Because fish generally do better when their diets are supplemented with fresh foods than on a steady diet of processed prepared foods. Making your own fish food is also a great way to add natural color enhancers to your fish’s diet.

  • How to Make Homemade Fish Food Cuteness

    7/12/2016  The most common homemade fish food is gel food with a gelatin base and vegetable and meat additives. The mixture is easy to prepare and easy to store. Fish flake food is best left to the professionals, as even with a food dehydrator it's difficult to get the content and flake just right.

  • Fish Cake Recipes - Allrecipes

    A tasty flavorful appetizer, or great as a meal that uses lots of wonderful Asian flavors! You can also easily substitute for the ingredients and use leftovers too such as corn instead of onions, leftover salmon (BBQ'd, broiled or baked) instead of fresh or canned - and they still turn out great! A plus crowd pleaser!

  • Quick Fish Dinners in 15 Minutes or Less MyRecipes

    Make a one-pan meal that's big on flavor and light on clean up. The bright sauce, a spicy combination of crushed red pepper, white wine, and capers, simmers for two minutes to combine the flavors, then cooks the fish. Cod, a firm white fish, works well in the recipe. Try it with flounder or sole for variety.

  • Simple fish cake recipe Jamie Oliver fish recipes

    A simple fish cake recipe that shows you how to make salmon fish cakes from scratch. These are great with homemade tartare sauce and some green veggies.

  • Protein foods The Heart Foundation

    Tips for including protein foods. Choose lean meat and skinless poultry trimmed of visible fat, and include fish or seafood 2–3 times a week. Avoid processed meats like sausages and deli meats like salami. Eggs make great lunchbox fillers for adults and children and are very portable when hard boiled.

  • Fish recipes BBC Good Food

    About BBC Good Food. We are the UK’s number one food brand. Whether you’re looking for healthy recipes and guides, family projects and meal plans, the latest gadget reviews, foodie travel inspiration or just the perfect recipe for dinner tonight, we’re here

  • What Will Make a Goldfish Grow Faster? Animals -

    Goldfish have no stomachs and digest their food in the intestines, which makes them need to feed much of the time. These fish should have a high alkaline and high protein goldfish food, rather than tropical fish food, which is not designed for consumption by goldfish. Goldfish are omnivorous, so they will eat bugs that land in the tank as well ...

  • Fish cakes Recipe Good Food

    These fish cakes are crunchy on the outside with a soft centre filled with fragrance and flavour. The key is all in the basics – using quality ingredients, poaching the fish in well-seasoned water, and frying the cakes for long enough to make them crispy. The best fish

  • where do you buy fish meal? BackYard Chickens

    23/03/2010  I think you should be able to find fishmeal at a garden center or nursery. I know walmart, home depot and lowes carry bonemeal and bloodmeal but not fishmeal. As for the kelp I haven't a clue. You can also get this stuff called fish emulsion (the smell is disgusting) you mix with water and use on plants and veggies.

  • Aquarium Fish Tanks - The Aquarium Shop Australia

    Whether you’re looking for complete Fish Tanks Brisbane, glass fish bowls or any accessories – we have a variety of products to make your aquatic environment complete. Explore our product range and find a setup that meets your needs. To purchase, simply click ‘Buy’ on the item page and make a secure payment via Mastercard, Visa, PayPal or Australia Post Money Order. We ship right ...

  • Why You Should Feed Your Cichlids Homemade Food

    12/08/2019  Homemade cichlid food is the only way to control and guarantee the quality of food that you will be serving up to your fish. Recipes Depend on the Type of Cichlid. Before you jump into any old fish food recipe, it's extremely important to understand

  • What makes fish pellets float? - Quora

    16/12/2016  Some kinds of fish food pellets float and some sink. It depends upon the contents of the pellet and how much air is incorporated into the pellet when it is formed in the factory. Floating pellets are are loosely pressed when manufactured, so they ...

  • 15 Great Meals to Make with Canned Tuna - Simply

    Canned tuna is budget-friendly, good for you, and wonderfully versatile. With it you can make tuna patties, tuna salad, tuna crostini, tuna casserole, and even tuna mac n cheese. Here are just a few ideas for creative ways to use canned tuna, pulled from Simply Recipes and other blogs we love. Do you have a favorite meal to make

  • Homemade Fish Food Pellets MOTHER EARTH NEWS

    However, if your fish receive a fair amount of live or naturally occurring food (as is almost always the case in outdoor ponds at moderate population densities), you can make a useful supplemental ...

  • 5 Ways to Make Fish Bait Without Worms - wikiHow

    29/03/2019  How to Make Fish Bait Without Worms. When people think of fishing, they often think of worms. Worms make a great bait, but they are gooey and slimy and, some people think, rather disgusting. What a lot of people don't know is that you...

  • Classic beer-battered fish and chips Recipe Good Food

    Perfect every time: Adam Liaw's beer-battered fish and chips. Photo: Adam Liaw 1. Peel the potatoes and cut into thick chips. Soak in cold water for 30 minutes.* Drain and transfer to a pot with two litres of fresh cold water and add the white vinegar. Bring to

  • Fish for Baby How to Make Fish Baby Food

    The Best Way to Cook Fish for Baby Food Recipes. Fish may be poached, broiled or baked. Baking will help the fish maintain more nutrients and is always recommended as the best way to cook fish. Poaching fish is a great way to prepare fish for baby. Poaching fish for fish baby food recipes will allow you to create yummy fish

  • Fish curry recipe How to make fish curry Indian fish

    23/08/2019  Fish curry recipe – Simple, delicious flavorful Indian fish curry in a onion tomato base. Fish is one of the favorite sea foods at home and most times it is the fish fry or the pepper fish that is made as they are quick to make. I rarely make fish curry

  • Gel Fish Food: 10 Steps (with Pictures) - instructables

    Gel Fish Food: I was concerned with the bowel movements of one of our new goldfish. I began researching a solution to the problem and in the process I came across recipes for DIY fish food. As it turns out, not only did it fix our fishy's problem but the food ...

  • 18 Healthy Fish Recipes Under 300 Calories - olivemagazine

    23/04/2019  Boost your brain power by adding more fish to your diet, with our healthy fish recipes. These recipes are all under 300 calories so they’re perfect if you’re looking to lose weight or just eat a little more healthily. Stir fragrant spices with juicy king

  • Food Water Subnautica Wiki FANDOM powered by

    While some Food can be eaten raw, this action dehydrates the player and yields significantly less Food than when it is cooked. The player can also choose to cure fish instead of cooking them, so as to make them immune to decay. Cured fish has the same Food values as cooked fish

  • Unbelievable Fish Batter Recipe - Allrecipes

    "In the early 1950's, I received this recipe on an open-line, talk-radio show. It makes the lightest, crispiest batter imaginable. This makes enough to coat approximately 2 pounds of fish."

  • 4.1/5(391)
  • Rarotonga raw fish salad with coconut (ika mata) - Food

    As given to me by Gran Mary, my Rarotongan grandmother. We marinate the fish in lemon juice so that it's "cooked" . It's an ideal starter or light lunch. Has also been a

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